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Sweet Things with Ash Sweetring

Ash Episode 1 Still

Welcome to our new web series, Sweet Things with Ash Sweetring. Whether you’re new to cosplay or you’ve been doing it for years, Ash will teach you cosplay construction techniques and show you how to use different materials to make your cosplay dreams a reality. Using real world examples from her own cosplay construction, Ash demonstrates a variety of techniques, particularly as they relate to crafting armor pieces like bracers, helmets, weapons, and more.

In this first episode, you’ll meet Ash and get an idea of some of the materials and tools that she’s going to use throughout the series. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/CosplayForAll) and Twitter (@cosplayforall), as well as Ash’s cosplay page at www.facebook.com/AshSweetringGeekery, to be alerted when new episodes are made available.



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  1. Kaity Robbins says:

    Hey Ash!! Are you going to be posting more tutorial videos? I want to see more!!

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