Monster Clay

So… I’ve started on a re-work project. I hastily put together a Tron disc holder for my Kevin Flynn cosplay. I originally used the packaging from the disc itself, filled in the weird spots with Apoxie Sculpt and Worbla. If I was really smart and had started sooner I would have spent more time finishing the surface of the holder and test fitting it.

Lo and behold it had some weird spots, had a grainy texture in places, and… it didn’t stick all the way through the hole in the back of the jacket so I had to carry the disc all day long at the con. So I decided to “get tough” and redo the sucker. Instead of starting from scratch I decided to reuse my mold and then fix what came out of it.

Monster Clay is a waxy sulfur free “clay”. Most clays need to be kept wet so they don’t dry out. Others don’t have the ability to hold great detail or are too soft. Monster Clay is kind of the best of both worlds.  First you need to nuke it in your microwave two to three minutes at a time until it is liquidy, RTFM.  Once it cools off (several hours in your fridge) it will be like a soft wax candle. Use your favorite sculpting tools to carve, shave, cut and work the clay until you get to your desired finish.  Instead of wetting it to smooth it out, you heat it up with a flame or heat gun. It will slightly melt the surface and self-level (FYI make sure your working surface is level too). It also helps to work on parchment paper since it’s silicone coated and will keep your project from sticking. I made this mistake when in my haste slapped it down on the table to flatten out the top. Well, I’ve done the top twice now and parchment paper is the bomb.

A few pictures now and a video.

The before picture is a raw mold pull, the after is well… after a few hours of work touching it up.

This is what it’s like to pour molten Monster Clay.  BEWARE. If you get it on you while it’s molten it’s like a hot melt glue gun burn, aka NAPALM. It will stick to you and burn you if you get it too hot. It does peel off easily though from most surfaces so it should go without saying, don’t do this over carpet or anything you value. You have been warned.


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