Meet the Staff


An avid photographer and con-goer, Trevor has spent the last few years developing great affection towards the cosplay community and comic conventions. Back in the day, Trevor spent all his spare time in the theater designing and building sets and lighting schemes. More recently Trevor has dabbled a little with cosplay by building an elaborate Burger King costume and lit Kevin Flynn. But in relation to cosplay, Trevor is probably most passionate about cosplay photography. Here on CosplayForAll, you’ll find many of his spotlight articles and photos of local cosplayers showing off their amazing creations. Feel free to get in touch with him if you have any questions or requests.


Quite frankly, Tim is a 17-year-old trapped in a 30-something-year-old’s body. He loves good TV – by which he means something with a good serialized storyline – and movies, and spends many of his nights immersed in a gloriously complex video game. He’s a firm believer that Lost was the greatest show ever made, and that includes the ending. Oh, and Tim is a staunch defender of the Ewoks and their place in the Star Wars canon. You can listen to Tim on the Whatever Makes You Weird podcast, check out his opinions about upcoming movies in our Trailerpark Tuesday segments, and find his reporting about cons and all things nerd-ish on the Comic Con Tips website.


Megan Golden is the droid you’re looking for. She’s a lvl 100 Netflix wizard and a firm believer in second breakfast. She likes movie marathons and long walks to the refrigerator. Her initial journey into the nerd realm began at a very young age. Collecting action figures is among her favorite side quests, along with gaming (specifically retro games, zombie slashers, and titles like Tomb Raider), and exploring the great outdoors in the sunshine. Whether she’s acting, cosplaying, or amusing a room full of fellow nerds, she loves to entertain, motivate, and inspire others. You can find Megan at comic book conventions, on our website’s podcasts and articles, on her official cosplay page (, or whenever she has the One Ring of Power on– seriously, she should stop doing that.

WhitneyWhitney Warnick (Nerds of ‘Play)

“One does not simply choose one cosplay,” at least, that’s what Boromir would say in regards to Whitney Warnick and her obsession with cosplay (more like, determination to do ALL THE COSPLAYS) and all things geek. Whitney is a level 23 nerd with a voracious appetite for RPG video games, and when she’s not hiding in her hobbit-hole with her best friend/companion/welsh corgi, Smee, she is out exploring middle-earth/Gaia/Westeros/whatever you want to call this planet we live on. She is a self-proclaimed film/tv critic, book enthusiast, foodie and wineo. Not just a hero in cosplay, Whitney volunteers much of her time in the “real world” as a member of Rotary International. You’ll find Whitney wandering around at comic conventions, frolicking through the mountain flowers, on our website here, on her official cosplay page (, or even in the Matrix. Say hello, be friendly, and make sure you have a pokeball around when a wild Whitney appears!

IanIan Payne (Nerds of ‘Play)

When he’s not off exploring the depths of time and space, Ian occasionally visits this rock we call earth. Between videos games and trying to understand this thing called “emotion”, he still finds time for cosplay. Unable to stop creating until he has finished them all, or death takes him. Ian also enjoys delving heavily into psychology and understanding the human mind. And even after 24 years on this rock he is still no closer to grasping the human species. He enjoys contemplating all things science and must always be learning something new, or else what is the point. He battles through the tedious tasks of everyday life awkwardly gathering experience so he can finally defeat Braska’s final aeon. Ian truly enjoys nothing more than intelligent conversation, and spending time with fellow nerds. Through these actions he found comic con and through comic con he found his equivalent of the Shire, no better place to call home. His combat experience and expertise on the rifle range will make him a valuable ally in the pending Zombie apocalypse, which we all know is a matter of when, not if. But always remember the enemy’s gate is down (

RonanRonan has only been in the cosplay community since 2013, but he has been a geek all his life. It started with racing to get to middle school early to play Oregon Trail. Then onto buying his first comic book, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons #1 in 1988. Once he got involved in cosplay he has been hooked ever since. He specializes in prop weapons and armor. He loves to help out the charity cosplay groups around Utah as well. For him cosplay is less about getting his picture taken and more about providing a smile to a little kid or fan. He is always willing to share his ideas and to help others build the best costume they can.

Nate GressmanNate Gressmen has a power level of over 9,000, and is a Pokémon master. He’s a beginning cosplayer, and has been a geek his entire life. A crazy cat enthusiast, that also loves playing Xbox and eating at buffets. Knows more about Star Wars than the history of the United States. Loves all things Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball Z, Transformers, LEGO, and Nintendo. Spends his free time snowboarding, building LEGO’s, taking the hobbits to Isengard, jamming out to music, and documenting his cat’s lives. He is working on armor for the 501st Alpine Garrison, and hopes to help others join the 501st as well. Look for his posts on our social media pages.

1 TarynTaryn Ficklin is a level 10 technomancer that can eat an unlimited amount of toaster strudles and has a love for cinematography, dinosaurs, space, anime, and anything to do with nerdy internet culture. Ever since he got his hands on a computer, he has had an intense fascination with them. Diving into coding, game design, video editing, and web building, he makes a great free IT pro for his family and friends. Although sometimes not right in the head, Taryn does his best to put all of his crazy ideas into a physical form. Whether it’s through writing, videos or art, he always finds a way.

1 KaylaKayla MacKenzie has been an avid writer ever since she knew how to pick up a pencil. That passion has led her to study Journalism and write fiction novels. Always having a knack for creativity, the world of cosplay appealed to her. She now does her best to make her own cosplays, which often means staying up till late hours, and burning her fingers with hot glue.