Measuring “stuff” to scale from screen and models.

Lots of people have asked me, how do I make my cosplays appear accurate?  I take the time and I make dozens and dozens of measurements.  The biggest trick to measuring anything from a picture is finding something of known size in that picture.  If a soda can is in the picture you can scale from that as long as it’s in the same plane.  No I’m not talking about astrophysical planes of existence, I mean as long as it’s the same distance from the camera as the object you’re trying to measure.

I recently applied this method with the new Star Wars droid BB-8, a Stargate Worlds Heavy Jaffa, the new Yellowjacket from the new Ant Man movie, and it’s how I scaled up the Man of Steel General Zod costume from it’s 1:6 scale statue and on screen 3D models.  The video stuff can be tricky but I hear you saying, “Oh sure take the 1:6 scale model and just multiply it all by 6.”  Well it’s not that easy if your body is not the same proportions as the character so you’ll need to scale your full size version up or down a few percent to meet your dimensions, I usually go off of shoulder width.  Lucky for me I’m average and just a little shorter than Michael Shannon (Zod) so it mostly worked out for me.  Enjoy the video.




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