Intro to Females in the Geek Community

DezHi guys Dezcreepcore here!

At a young age I was always interested in the geek world. Luckily it was introduced to me by some of the males in my family. When I was young I was always the outcast and the “weird” girl who enjoyed gaming, reading comics, and watching Star Trek rather than going out to parties or having baking dates. As I grew older the females in my family began to accept that this was not a phase but who I really was; I would never be the girl in a giant ball gown for prom, or the girl that went out clubbing, or the girl that would throw away graphic t-shirts and exchange them for dresses and girly tops. I was an outcast, I only had a few guy friends and I was always ok with that.

Now that I am an adult, I have actually been attacked for being a geek. I’ve been told I am not a “REAL” geek. I am here to help represent a positive image for geek girls out there and to demonstrate that we are real, we exist, and we are not afraid to take over! Ever since women began taking more noticeable roles in the geek community they have received a lot of backlash, some examples are: “There is no such thing as a geek girl,” “You’re just being a poser for attention,” “You can’t be a geek, you’re a girl.”

I’m sorry but when did this become a popularity contest? I remember being shunned and made fun of for being a geek and now my personality is being challenged and questioned. Just because I personally have not read all the comic books out there, or played all the games, or even watched all the episodes of a ‘geeky’ show and so those flaws are then attacked.

The geek community…. OUR community is being taken over by bullies, stereotypes, and sexism. The bullying is happening not only by males but there’s a lot of female on female attacks. Some of these are challenges to see who knows more about a certain topic, others are popularity contests to see who is liked the most on social media for being a geek girl. Lastly there is always the ultimate struggle for acceptance that many females fight for and sadly if they do not feel they can fit in they also attack others.

The female geek stereotypes are too many to fit into one piece of writing but some of the most recent ones I have encountered personally and seen on some of my friends pages are:

“You are too pretty to be a geek”
“Real geek’s don’t wear makeup and make things sexy”
“You probably don’t know anything about the comics you just watched the movies”

Who said geeks are ugly? Who said a girly girl cannot be a geek? What is wrong with someone just now finding out how much they enjoy these things?
And hey if a movie opened someone’s interest into comics then welcome it! Teach them more!

One of the biggest steps we need to take is recognizing that there is sexism in the geek community, by that we recognize there is a problem and then we can work towards ending the imbalance.
On a regular basis females are getting their feelings hurt or are simply annoyed by the viciousness that arises in the discussion that we have to defend our geekdom. Firstly, who is to force us to prove our geekdom? Second, what gives them the right? Finally, why do we feel the need to prove it to someone who will not respect us?


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