Girls want to learn about Comic Books?! What?!

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Dezcreepcore here to talk about issues I’ve recently been able to overcome regarding…

Comic books! They are a huge part of the geek lifestyle becausethey cover so many genres, writing styles, and I think everyone can find something they like. Even though I have seen many cartoons starring some of my favorite characters I didn’t know all about them so I became interested in buying comic books and collecting them for my own geeky education.

So one day I decide to venture to a comic book shop and approach the guys running the store to give them an idea of what I know and what I want to know. I remember clearly I wanted to learn more about Batman and all the different stories he has.

Their reply…

“Oh, you’re one of those aren’t ya? I bet you only want to buy them for attention”

This statement alone made me distance myself from comic book shops for years and I’m sure I am not the first person to run into this situation or something similar. Comic book audiences have predominantly been male and the idea that a female has started to show interest in these things is apparently an issue. What people need to understand NOW is that more women are PUBLICLY showing interest in learning about geeky things including comic books and negative comments will not help this community grow. There are so many females that write comic books, draw them, blog about them, are invited to conventions to talk about them, etc… More women are showing strength in this area and some people are acting as if it were a threat.

I have met many other females that had horrible experiences with comic book shops, artist, writers, etc… some of those girls have even given up on liking “geeky things” because of all the negativity.

Do you REALLY want to scare girls away from the geek world? Really?

We are just as interested as you are andmany of us are willing to learn!

Luckily not all experiences are negative…

My dear friend DC DOLL is actually the one that has made me become more interested in comic books again. Her take on it is refreshing

“I have never faced any negativity that has truly affected me. Most of the time I get respect for actually knowing in depth story lines and having valid opinions. They only negativity I’ve faced is when I’m learning about a character and don’t know as much but that is quickly turned around when I ask them questions wanting to learn more!”

She also has a couple of her favorite artist on Facebook and has told me the amazing conversations they have at conventions. Knowing someone with such positive experiences and knowledge about comic books helps me see that there is a chance for us all to have a world where girls can read comic books, learn about them, talk about them, and not have to be scared of them.



I actually went to a shop this past weekend and purchased some goodies! My experience was so surreal because of how nice and helpful the guys were. They were able to give some input on the comics I bought and how to further my knowledge on the characters I was interested in.

So I say to you all… read comic books, ask questions, learn about them! I had my bad experiences but I also had a really good one, so there is still hope!




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