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We all have reasons for doing various hobbies. Sometimes it’s because we’ve been trained to do it, sometimes because someone close to us enjoyed it, or maybe simply because we just enjoy it. For cosplayers, it’s the same way. Although many may find the hobby a strange and utter waste of time (what hobby isn’t), we each have our own reasons for why we cosplay.


We are the Nerds of ‘Play, a group of 6 misfit cosplayers in Salt Lake City who band together to make cosplays and plot to eventually take over the (cosplay) world, and this is why we cosplay:



A.Leon: “When I first went to a convention I had not planned on dressing up. I just wanted to see what the con was like. About 5 minutes in, I instantly regretted that decision! I saw how much fun everyone was having, and I knew I needed to make a costume next convention. I cosplay because it gives you a chance to put on another skin. Most people ask how or why I would want to do it every day? The only answer to that would be, “You like dressing up for Halloween right? Well it’s Halloween for us every day of the year!!! It’s insanely entertaining!!! For me it’s about getting creative with my hands, and also getting creative in character!”


10647167_803915819703902_8117769260390654310_nAmeranth: “My grandma owned a costume shop when I was little called ‘Grandma’s Attic.’ It was basically the most magical and wonderful place in the world to me. Every Halloween my mom would take us out of school so we could drive down to help her run the store. When I learned there was a way to take my love of all geeky culture and combine it with one of my most treasured memories, I jumped at the chance. While discovering this new and wonderful world of cosplay, I was introduced into causeplay as well. My mom has suffered a lot of illness throughout her life, from Lupus, to Cancer to a lot of other terrible stuff. I am now able to combine something I love with a desire to raise funds, awareness, and bring hope to those who have suffered like she has. Cosplay is not only a way for me to use my love of creativity to fly my nerd flag high, but also to give back to those in need.”





Booker: “I cosplay to show the heroes I hold in high regard the respect they deserve and also to have fun not being me. I mean, I get to be him and her and you and that strange looking fellow over there. What’s not to enjoy about that?!”






Ekalb: “I cosplay as a way to immerse myself in worlds I love and to spend time with friends, have fun and make others happy. I look forward to continuing this adventure with my new friends and second family and seeing what the future holds. Who knows, maybe we’ll build a real spaceship or maybe a time machine.”


11182183_1116335171715622_2451484317409736536_nERAR: “For reasons! But seriously, it is a tie between the community that revolves around cosplay, my friends who are a part of it, and the fact I just love to build things. Must build. I love to build and I enjoy helping my friends with their projects. I find myself imagining new and different ways to use materials and ways to craft them. I Challenge myself, push myself, push my craftsmanship skill, I grow, and push the materials I use beyond that limit. After all the time and dedication I put into the costume, I enjoy the attention it brings and the acknowledgement of my work by the community. The cosplay world is a very unique, open, and inviting community; and that is why I enjoy being a part of it so much. This is why I cosplay.”


10245355_1456820534608254_3500864313935311357_nZabracus: “I grew up in a family that would go to mountain men rendezvous and dress up and re-enact old western times (Yeah. We were THAT family). That mixed with an entirely overactive imagination blossomed by love for dressing up and pretending to be someone else (playing pretend was my favorite. Well that, and video games and reading). Cosplay is simply an extension of that, but it’s also a way for me to share my love of all things pop culture and “geek” with others. I love to be able to see the end result of hard work, whatever it may be, and cosplay fuels that. I cosplay for the satisfied accomplished feeling it gives me, for the immense joy it brings to others (especially the giant smiles on children’s faces when they see their favorite hero or princess IRL), and for the opportunity to spend time with truly incredible people. The cosplay community is a second family, a dysfunctional and strange one, but also an open and loyal one. *big giant hug*”


So, here’s the real question…. Why do YOU cosplay?


Just remember, when in doubt, shrug your shoulders and declare, FOR COSPLAY!



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