Eric Browning Introduction

Photo: Natural Designs Photography Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, 2nd Place Intermediate

Photo: Natural Designs Photography
Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, 2nd Place Intermediate

Hello, My name is Eric Browning, a transplant to Utah as a kid in the 80’s and most recently a transplant to Cosplay at the age of 40 (I keep telling myself it’s the new 30). Yes, I’m older than most of you but the skills I’ve acquired over the years have helped me greatly in my costuming quests save one, sewing. I am what’s known as a technical cosplayer. I will agonize and toil over measurements with a pair of calipers on a model or image until I can construct a model of said item. It also entails the more straight up technical realms when it comes to electronics and mechanisms. For me the pursuit of perfection is half the fun. Nothing will ever be perfect but you can come close.

Photoshop measuring techniques.

Photoshop measuring techniques.

I hope my ramblings here on CosplayForAll will help you in your quest for your signature costume. People will know YOU for your tribute to the character. I am known for my first cosplay General Zod, Jessica Nigri became known for her sexy Pikachu, Megan Golden is known for her Lara Croft, YaYa Han has many characters she’s known for, and you can probably name many others too.

I will help you with electronics like arduino and discrete circuits. Discrete? Because there are some things that are difficult even with a microcontroller like the arduino. I will help you with 3D modeling and if you don’t have a 3D printer, you can still get your models affordably printed. I may have a BFA in Art (design) but it’s my visualization skills that let me replicate costumes and come up with mechanisms for my cosplays. Costuming is a blend of art, science, interpretation, and all of this can be learned and I will show you what I know. If you have questions, feel free to ask them.


Foam parts > Poster paper modeling > Worbla Construction > Primer

Foam parts > Poster paper modeling the upper > Worbla Construction > Primer


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