Denver Comic Con Shenanigans


Traveling to a new city is always an exciting endeavor. There’s almost an entirely different culture coursing through the veins between buildings, and the same goes for conventions. You will see fandoms in abundance that are rare in your home town. It’s a great way to expose yourself to all new kinds of nerdom!

IMG_1460Denver is one of the largest Comic Con conventions in the entire country, and there’s a reason for that. The venue was surprisingly large (it was enormous and at times, difficult to navigate); The staff made sure to regulate and check badges without interrupting the natural flow of the convention; There was a very large area when you first walk in the door that was perfect for congregating (the big blue bear was a FANTASTIC meeting place). The large area was a great place to take a quick break, meet up with friends, or snag photos of awesome cosplayers without blocking aisles.

This definitely helped with the massive amounts of rain that plagued the days of the convention. It was cold with heavy rain, but no matter the weather, it didn’t damper anyone’s spirit. It may have changed some people’s cosplay plans, but other than that, the convention was well equipped to provide protection from the elements.IMG_1409

The cosplay contest was absolutely packed. It was filled wall to wall in their giant main stage room. The crowd was loud, enthusiastic, and supportive of every person that walked onto that stage.  It was an interactive experience for everyone. Whether a first time cosplayer, or an advanced pro, every cosplayer was met with the same amount of love and support from those around them. Not to mention the cosplays were absolutely awesome! There were some that just absolutely blew us away. We will be covering more about that in our article next week, so stay tuned!

IMG_1430Denver  also invited some great guests. Among which were Karen Gillian (Dr. Who), Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones),  Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Sean Astin (Lord of The Rings), Amy Acker (Angle) and more. Though the Nerds of ‘Play didn’t brave the lines to see the celebrities, the overall consensus from friends agrees that they were extremely entertaining.  Denver also hosted Sci Fi Speed Dating, Aad hey, don’t knock it until you try it. They managed it very well, and it wasn’t as awkward as you might expect with a bunch of nerds who’d never met asking each other to share their fandoms and interests.

One of the most impressive things about the convention, in my humble opinion, was the floor itself. And this is perhaps one of the biggest differences between conventions. While some conventions focus much more on vendors selling clothing and trinkets, Denver’s focus stayed true to the name of the convention. It truly was a Comic Con. There were more comic booths than I’ve ever seen. And the variety they offered between indie small name companies to larger names like DC and Marvel, was impressive.

And the artist valley simply blew me away. Denver is definitely a culture that appreciates its art above almost anything else. At least half, if not more, of the floor was decorated with artists of all different styles. There was truly something for everyone in terms of styles, fandoms, and original work. They also managed the floor very well. They kept celebrities separate from the vendors to IMG_1434avoid bottlenecks, there was an entire section dedicated to food, and even the vendors were sectioned off into very appropriate categories without pitting like booths against each other. In general, it was an impressive and easy layout to traverse.

Overall this was a great experience. Getting to travel to a new city and see what nerdy things were popular in their area was exciting. So if you’ve only ever visited local conventions, I’d recommend taking a vacation sometime, and head over to Denver (the night life and amount of late night events going on were a plus!). It’s definitely worth it!


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