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Currently Untitled Q&A With Megan Golden

I’m back with this week’s currently untitled Q&A (you’ll see what THAT’S about later)! Remember– this segment relies on YOU! Leave your questions in the comments below, or leave them on my Twitter or Facebook when I’m like, “Yo! I need questions!” And if your question doesn’t get picked that week– don’t fret– I’ll probably use it the next week!

The 3 I’ve chosen THIS week are:

1. Do you listen to music when you make your cosplays? If you do what type of music do you think helps you work better and what is your favorite genre? (Jerry in the comments on CosplayForAll)

IMG_3674 smallYes! I either listen to music or watch movies! And by “watch movies,” I mean I use them as background noise while I’m working. It really depends on what I’m making or how I feel. I’ll typically choose something that inspires me to be that specific character. For instance, I’ll listen to the Tomb Raider game soundtrack when I’m putting together a new Lara, or I’ll watch the Avengers when I’m working on Thor. My favorite genre of music– can I choose a few?! I love hardcore, pop punk, and music I can just sing to. Anything from Katy Perry to Hendrix, Expire to Childish Gambino. My musical taste is pretty eclectic!

2. Kind of a 2-PT question: What got you interested in cosplay… and what’s your favorite thing, if you have one in the entire world pop culture related?? (Nick on FB)

Part 1! I’ve always loved making costumes and dressing up, but what got me into cosplaying specifically? Jessica Nigri. I love gaming, and I was keeping up with the Lollipop Chainsaw (Grasshopper Manufacture/Kadokawa) marketing campaign, as they were holding auditions for a spokesmodel. Jessica won, so I searched her on Google and saw so many amazing costumes. I remember thinking, “She does this every day?! Not just Halloween? I can do that!” And thus, my adventures began!

Part 2! Oh man. Comics, movies, and video games are my favorites, and I’m trying to somehow lump them into one category! I guess I could say the art! You just get to disappear into these entire realms that we’d know nothing about if not for these writers and artists who created them. The fact that these things exist makes me so incredibly happy, and so thankful.

lara (1)3. Who is your favorite character to turn into? (PJ on Twitter)

This may not come as a total shock– but Lara Croft. I definitely get into character the MOST with her. As soon as the costume is on, and the hair is braided, I AM her. I love portraying her, and she’s someone I’ve always identified with. If I had to choose an honorable mention– Madame Hydra. I rarely play the villain, and she’s just so great. I love doing the green makeup and giving the evil eye in photos. There’s something about becoming someone entirely different that is such a blast.

That’s it for this week– leave your replies, questions, and comments below!


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2 Responses

  1. NickQuattrini says:

    what costumes/cosplays do you hope to have finished by the end of the year?

  2. kerry says:

    As well have you thought about doing an “Agent Carter”? The genre looks perfect for you.

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