Currently Untitled Q&A with Megan Golden

And I’m back with this week’s Q&A! Still untitled– you’re going to help with that… later. Until then, don’t forget to leave a comment with your question! If your question was not answered THIS week, it’ll most likely be answered next time! I look at the questions left HERE first and Facebook second. LET’S DO THIS.

This week’s 3 questions are:

If someone is looking into making a costume for the first time, are there certain classes you recommend for sewing and such? Online and in the community? (Dean on Facebook)

Use your resources! If you know someone who sews or specializes in the craft you’re interested in learning– ask them to teach you! I’ve learned a lot from friends and family. Also– YOUTUBE. Videos can work wonders if you’re a visual learner. If there are any classes offered in your area, check them out and see if they’re your style and fit within your budget!

What is on your cosplay/personal bucket list? (Otis on Facebook)

Witchblade! I’ve wanted to cosplay her for a while now! I have the Tomb Raider/Witchblade comics and she looks amazing. There’s one cover in particular I’d like to recreate!

What costumes/cosplays do you hope to have finished by the end of the year? (Nick on CosplayForAll)

A Survivor is Born. Photo by DezCreepcore

A Survivor is Born. Photo by DezCreepcore

This a good one! Currently, I’m working on my second version of the “reborn Lara” from the Tomb Raider reboot. It’ll be an upgrade from my first rendition! That’ll be finished as well as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite and a couple Marvel costumes that I’m keeping a secret for now! I make about 10 costumes a year now, so look forward to quite a few!


Thanks for playing! See you next time!




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