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0011 Cosplay Spotlight for Sara Thompson. Known for her Ariel, Tinkerbell, Belle and other Disney costumes.

Cosplay Spotlight on Sara Thompson. Sara specializes in Disney princess costumes, but as done others as well. Some of the Sara’s costumes that we’ve seen that have been crazy impressive have been her Tinkerbell, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Anastasia and various renditions of Ariel.

In this spotlight, we ask Sara questions such as, “What did you make your costume out of? What is your favorite anime? Do you get into character when you cosplay? Have you ever considered being a real Disney princess? What is one of your dream costumes for the future? What has been your most expensive costume? What was the first costume you built? What got you interested in cosplay? What do you have planned for Halloween?”

You can see the full video version on YouTube here.

You can also find photos from her mini photoshoot dressed as Ariel in this article.

Sara Thompson SM (8)

Additional panelists from the interview are:

Ian of A.Leon Cosplay

Megan Golden Cosplay

Whitney of Zabracus Cosplay


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