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[0010] Chris Evan’s sweater smells like husband material.

In this episode, you’ll hear Megan Golden discuss how Chris Evan’s sweater smells like husband material. This episode discusses the 2015 Salt Lake Comic Con. So you’ll also hear all about favorite costumes from con, including a Father Son teamup of Mandalorians, Play Arts Stormtrooper, Powerpuff Girls HIM and Bearded Leia. You may also hear first hand Megan Golden’s experience getting a photo op with Chris Evans. Ian’s guests he had hoped to see was Ryan Wells (even though he never officially met up with him, besides the time they said hello to each other in the hotel room of course) and Whitney’s experience dressed as the Bombshell Ravager and her experiences hanging out with Manu Bennett of Arrow fame. You may also find out Ian’s previously unknown relationship to Tyler Kirkham.

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