[0006] Props and Weapon Safety

Cosplay For All- This is Episode 0006: Props and Weapon Safety. Starring: Megan Golden (Megan Golden Cosplay), Ash Sweetring (Ash Sweetring Geekery), Ronan (Robinson Creations), Noah (Booker Noir Cosplay), and Eric (Eric Browning Cosplay).

In this episode, we talk about cosplay prop and weapon safety issues like:

How do I get my weapon to the convention (especially on public transportation)?

What do you need to know about the weapons check?

What are some typical convention rules concerning cosplay props and weapons?

How should I hold my weapon without being aggressive?

What should I do when people try to hold or touch my prop or weapon?

How can I make lightweight props?

What details can I add to my props and weapons to make them stand out?

How to I handle this giant costume I’m wearing?

Thanks for listening! Leave your questions on cosplayforall.com for us to answer in future episodes.

The YouTube version can be found here.




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