[0005] Detail and Finishing Touches

Cosplay For All – This is episode 0005, Details and Finishing Touches. Starring: Megan (Megan Golden Cosplay), Ronan (Robinson Creations), Eric (Eric Browning Cosplay), Whitney (Zabracus Cosplay), and Ian (A.Leon Cosplay).

You can check out the video version here or listen via any podcast player or your browser.

In this episode, we’ll talk about details you can add to your costumes to take it to the next level. Priming, painting, weathering, wigs, and more! Leave your questions on cosplayforall.com for us to answer in future episodes.

Topics include:

What makes a complete costume?

Is your costume ever truly finished?

What’s the hardest detail to work on?

How can you use props and accessories to complete your vision?

What techniques can you use to add detail like weathering and wear?

How should I paint things like craft foam and worbla?

Which glues are best for different surfaces?

How can I add texture to my costumes?

How do I shape, mold, and style wigs?

How should I store my wigs?

How do I use body paint? Which kinds works best for a convention?

What about special contacts? What is safe? Where can I buy them?






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