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[0001] Cosplay For All Podcast Introduction

Cosplay For All – Episode 1 – Introduction

Welcome to the CosplayForAll podcast and/or coscast! In this episode you’ll be hearing from Megan Golden, Ronan or Robinson Creations and Scott, Noah and Whitney of the Nerds of ‘Play. After a brief round of introductions answering the all important question of “How did you get into cosplay?” Then they will continue to go through some other get to know you type questions.

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Scott got into cosplay starting off deciding to do Sephiroth, who is the main antagonist from Final Fantasy VII right off the bat. He decided to try out the costume using anamatronics. Unfortunately, being a perfectionist, he wasn’t able to complete the costume on time and is still working on it.

Megan got into cosplay by watching auditions for spokesmodel for for Lollipop Chainsaw. She saw Jessica Nigri cosplaying the part so well that eventually Megan got interested enough to find out more about what cosplay really was and decided to get into it as well.

Noah got his start in cosplay by cosplaying Mario and Luigi with his friend for Halloween. They had a great time cruising around town in costume and after that he was hooked.

Whitney got into cosplay when Salt Lake Comic Con announced they were bringing a convention to Utah. She realized that a lot of people dress up for conventions and decided to go as her favorite character Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII.

Ronan’s experience getting started cosplaying was pretty similar to Whitney’s where he decided he wanted to dress up for Salt Lake Comic Con. He decided he wanted to build a Space Marine costume from WarHammer 40,000. He entered the costume contest and found out that cosplay really was a thing.

Have you ever been recognized outside of Cosplay?

Megan was recognized at dinner once with her dad where the waitress asked, “aren’t you the tomb raider girl?”. Her dad looked at her and said, “get a life, Megan.”

Others have been recognized outside of stores, in fabric stores, charity events.

We also answer questions such as:

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done for cosplay?

Have you ever used cosplay stuff for real life?

Do you have to make everything yourself?

What went through your mind during your first convention?




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